Play Workshop

The Future Tripping symposium kicks off with a Play Workshop

Susana Ruiz

Susana Ruiz theorizes serious play!

Panel Discussion

Alenda Chang introduces a panel featuring Danielle Christianson, Summer Gray, and Marcos Novak

Liz Losh

Liz Losh gives the Future Tripping keynote: “That Was the News That Wasn’t: Fake News and the Culture of Simulation”

Species Futures

Future Tripping moves outdoors during the “Thinking/Walking” session

Happy Hacking

SB Hacks Kick-Off!

Team Gathered Behind Podium

A team settles in for the long haul.

Groups at Long Tables

The SB Hacks event, which lasted more than 48 hours straight, was hosted in several spaces on campus, including the DAHC.

Augmented Images on Smartphone Screen

Developing an augmented reality app.

Nodding Off at the Podium

After two days of marathon coding, it’s time to rest!

Team Photo

Data Science at UCSB hosts a Django Girls workshop in the DAHC.

Reception in DAHC

A show of hands for Badass Django Ladies!

Coding with Mentors

During breakout sessions, participants code with the support of mentors from the Data Science club.

SB Hacks Meeting

An SB Hacks student group meeting in the DAHC. With the hackathon just two months away, SB Hacks is starting to hold more and more team meetings to make sure that everyone is making progress.

Reception in DAHC

The very first reception in the Digital Arts & Humanities Commons!

Reception in DAHC

Prof. Douglass

Welcoming participants to the Commons

Prof. Griffin

Professor Andrew Griffin gives the vision of the Maker Lab

Prof. Novak

Professor Marcos Novak discusses virtual worlds research on campus

Wireframe Graduate Students

Participants in Leila Sakr’s Fem-Tech Lab

A gathering for the ribbon-cutting event launching the new Maker Lab in the DAHC.

Prof. Fumerton Inaugurates the MakerLab

Professor Patricia Fummerton speaking at the Maker Lab inaugural.

Yang Prints on Mad Madge

Dilling Yang looks inside “Madge” – a 19th century Albion printing press.

Dean Majewski's Print

Dean John Majewski shows off his commemorative print fresh from the printing press.

Mad Madge

Mad Madge herself, with Professor Patricia Fumerton and Kristy McCants