SB Hacks

SB Hacks is a nonprofit, student-run group which organizes the annual weekend-long, 500 person hackathon at UCSB, also called SB Hacks. Our next hackathon, SB Hacks IV, will be hosted on January 19-21, 2018 on campus.

Our mission is to build a tech and entrepreneurial student community on campus by bridging the gap between our theoretical curriculum to the real world. By hosting a hackathon, student participants are able to utilize and apply their coding skills and innovative mindsets to budding projects or to creatively come up with solutions to problems facing our community. Our purpose is to provide participants with the space, support, and resources to collaborate with each other, to gain mentorship, and to work on their projects‌. We are using DAHC as a space to host our organizer meetings where we plan and prepare to make our next hackathon, SB Hacks IV, the best one yet.

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Our Spring 2017 hackathon organizers

SB Hacks Meeting